About Us

Firstly Advanced Power and Infra Solutions are proud to be the selling partners for Mahindra powerol and Mahindra Navistar engines in Karnataka and we also deal with other Brand like Cummins, Caterpillar and Kiloskar Green

Advanced Power and infra Solutions is an channel sales partner for the Mahindra Powerol DG Sets. We also deal with other brands like Cummins, Caterpillar and Kiloskar Green.  Over the years of experience in this industry we have internally diversified ourselves to SUPPLY OF DIESEL GENERATOR, INSTALLATION AND ERECTION OF DIESEL GENERATOR,PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICES OF DIESEL GENERATORS, RENTAL DG SET ON LONG TERMS, BUYING AND SALES OF USED DG SET

APIS objective is to provide technically advanced & cost effective solutions which help customer to save money from both – CAPITAL and RUNNING COST investments. With this brief preface we hope to have the pleasure in serving your company in the field of interest explained.

Turnkey Projects.

We undertake the complete turnkey project of DG set installation and well equipped with the professional skilled man power  to deliver the power solution with in the time frame of the customer's requirement. Our  motto is to constantly strive to keep our customers happy through delivery and service of our products.

About Mahindra Powerol

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd entered the field of Power Generation. Today, the engines under the brand name Mahindra Powerol are powering Diesel Generating sets from rating 5kVA to 500kVA.Mahindra Powerol has made rapid strides in the Indian genset industry in a very short span of time and has sold over 220,000 DG Sets & Engines. Recently, Mahindra Powerol won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan “Voice of Customer” award for the most preferred Genets Brand in the telecom segment in India. The award takes various parameters into account, including industry penetration, up-time, trouble free performance, overall satisfaction, likelihood of buying for future requirements and likely referrals to other customers.

Features of Mahindra DG set


The Mahindra engine powered DG set is a zero leakage D G set.

The warranty of the engine is comprehensive; there are no hidden clauses and exclusions. All the engine items are covered with in the warranty including Hoses, Belts & Electrical.


With 1100 ± service dealer outlets throughout India Mahindra offers unmatched service.


Features of Mahindra Navistar Engines.

  • The engines ore fitted with highest quality EPDM hoses they have a longer life span.
  • The gaskets are with Nitrile beading making it zero leakage ensuring that there are no ugly spots on the floor where the D G sets are kept.
  • The water pump is fitted with a unique water pump with imported unitized seal, which ensures NO leakage from the pump.
  • The engines are fitted with plateau honed wet liners which ensures that the entire engine repair/assembly can be completed within two hours at the site.
  • The piston rings used are ceramic coated which ensures NO top up of engine oil in between two services.
  • The water-cooled engines have a high 85% mechanical efficiency and 38% thermal efficiency.   
  • The engines have a high bock up torque with very low/no duration effect.
  • The air filter is three stage - Pre Cleaner + Oil Both + Dry type. This ensures dust free air to the engine even in dusty conditions thereby ensuring longer periods between overhauls.
  • Low SFC of 157 gm/bhp/hr thereby a reduced cost of running.
  • The engine is highly efficient with much lower strokes leading to lesser piston travel, which converts to much lesser wear & tear of critical ports